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Improving The Ways & Means.
Creating efficiency in logistics entails many things from workforce management, process design and operational policies. But the largest bottleneck remains the multitude of data capturing, and different silos of processes which do not scale-up. BitPost provides easy mobile based booking, servicing, audits, and check system with inexpensive barcode and nfc technologies which improves the overall process standards, creating scalable processes, increasing scope of automation, and consequently improving the overall efficiency as well as effectiveness. You can start with BitPost Mobile App within minutes


Transparency & Accountability.
With advent of technology, the world is coming closer but at the same time the operational interaction has spread across land, air, and ocean. It has created a mega-human challenge to remove ambiguity due to lack of data to accurately ascertain and event or their consequences. Therefore machines hab ubiquitously filled these gaps by providing continous and on-demand monitoring, reporting and analysis. Internet of Things are a swarm of devices which can work in tandem with dynamic opertaional needs. BitPost blockchain is portable for variety of tamper-proofing, anti-pilferage, environmental monitoring devices which provides definitive control on reliability of your postal, logistics and supply chain networks


Build Fast & Easy E-Commerce.
Handling returns have always been a challeneg for post, frieghters, and couriers, but the subject has become immensely value for new age e-commerce companies who largely and solely depend on seamless "return" experience. Due to very little innovation on handling returns, which is mostly labour intensive re-shorting, incumbent postal and courier companies are facing stiff challeneg from new innovative startups. Though image processing and AI technologies have matures to a great level, the international trade creates bottlenecks due to involvement of multiple parties. With help of seamless and single platform of blockchain based encrypted smart contracts, shippers benefit from a fast reverse logistics capability. NFC/RFID/Barcode based handling of consignments saves 80% time in reverse logistics.


Consumption Route & Pattern Information is Key for Manufacturing.
An effective supply chain is both essential and vital for healthy business for manufacturers and is a key differentiator. Also, every production line has unique and proprietary supply chain. But a constant influx of change in production patterm demand, regulations, geo-politics, climate change, and a multitude of other factors, knowing early signs of oncoming challenge is very essential. Also the information of pattern and growth is a significant source of identifying new opportunities for cost, efficiency and market competitiveness. BitPost blockchain cloud provides SKU based tracking of humoungous amount of granualar parts, components and units of your supply chain effectively. The encrypted smart contract based tracking enables you to securely access your data for internal analytics and related consumption. You can pilot with a small production line to assess the capablities.


Compliance & Security.

With increasing regulations in cross-border trade, it is imperative to adhere the strictest of standards when it comes to international trade. With BitPost, Maritime and Air Cargo organisation can save time in documentation, audit, checks and related compliances. It is easy to generate CN38, CN35, etc. for operating with highest standards and interoperability BitPost barcode and nfc based tags enable just touch and go capability for generation of required consignment notes. It also reduces errors and glitches for a smooth and seamless operation  KNOW MORE


Seamless Experience for Clients and Business.

With scalable API framework, BitPost is easy integrated with your favourite CRM. Right from the booking of a consignment, the blockchain cloud tracks the every hop until confirmation of delivery. Your data is encrypted in cloud and has a limited lifetime. Therefore only authorised consignment handlers can read your information.
Also, this reduces your IT expenditure up to 40%. Want your CRM integrated with BitPost?You can get started immediately with our mobile based solution for complete value stream of consignment handling within minutes with Android App